Communicate undetected in plain sight using zero width obfuscation.
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Zero Width Characters are Unicode characters that take up no space and are invisible even when you try to highlight them. Generally they are used to assist more abstract foreign languages that require separators but not exactly an entire space & some sites use them for their interface.

This extension is able to obfuscate any message inside zero width spaces which can be placed almost anywhere invisible to the naked eye. Also detect and be notified of such characters around the web.

There is no limit in text length or size. Some websites or services may restrict some zero width characters, however more limited algorithms have been added to get around them. You can view them here.

Completely open source, advertisement, and log free.

If you come across any bugs or questions submit them to the issues tab or contact

Update 1.1 improved the storage/size efficiency and addressed many common bugs. While introducing new limited algorithms.

Contributors are welcome to help improve/expand the project. No matter how minor the pull request, you will be credited. Another way you can contribute is by translating the simple UI to your native language.